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Our Load Tests Completed to Date

1 Gbit
677 Gbit/s 2,500,000 users

Powerful Tools & Flexible Options

Many of the world’s largest organizations trust Apica ZebraTester software and SaaS Portal tools to accurately create and run load tests of nearly unlimited scale with unmatched visibility into results.

Developers and IT professionals plan, execute and analyze websites, cloud services, and web and mobile applications using Apica’s powerful tools and flexible options. They start with Apica ZebraTester software for local load testing and Apica LoadTest Portal SaaS for advanced team features and mega-load test options.

Apica offers a wide variety of pricing and licensing options from individual users ramping one-time projects to teams managing continuous, large-scale test environments. Load tests run locally behind a firewall, from the cloud via the AWS data center, or via Apica’s LoadTest Portal access to its own global network with integration options to services like AWS CodePipeline, Team City, New Relic and others.


How Apica ZebraTester.com Stands Out


Test Continuously at Every Stage

Apica ZebraTester.com allows individuals, small teams and enterprise dev/ops teams to get started quickly and scale as needs evolve.

Add Performance Tests to CI/CD

Include performance testing in your CI/CD process using the Apica LoadTest Portal integrated with Jenkins, Team City and AWS CodePipline services.

Test as Your User Needs Evolve

Test for mobile and most any application environment like HTTP(S); HTML forms, hyperlinks and redirects; CGI, JSON, XML, SOAP, WebDAV and more.

Get Help and Packages on Demand

Our full service team of load test experts can design, execute, and manage your project from start to finish. We also offer test packages to help you do it yourself.

Opt to Stay Inside

Where security policies require it, install our software and SaaS tools on your local systems for complete control over load test execution, analysis, storage and results reporting for your team.

Simplify Reporting and Teamwork

Standard reports include statistics at each layer while custom PDF reports with real-time comments provide insight into “what if” scenarios shared among team members.

Expand to the Cloud

Use Apica LoadTest Portal and use a global network with free 500VU from Apica clusters, AWS & Rackspace Cloud or a combination for unlimited scale potential.

Flexible Payment Options

Monthly, pay-as-you-go, and user-based pricing options allow individuals and teams to access powerful features for both special, one-time projects and regular testing.

ZebraTester Software is Free – Get Started!

Download ZebraTester 5.5-A

Our free Apica ZebraTester load test tool allows you to create scripts and manage tests using a free local load
generation instance known as an “Exec Agent” for up to 50 VUs and 20 minutes per load test. It also comes with a free 30-day, 50 local/500 cloud load VU subscription to the Apica LoadTest Portal.
Easily expand loads as your needs required.

Get Started - Installation and Configuration Guide - Browser Recording Extension


Windows Server Edition (64 bit)
Mac OS X

Linux (Ubuntu preferred)

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