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The New ZebraTester Community Goes Live

We’re excited to announce a new online ZebraTester Community available to all but focused on ZebraTester user needs and interests. Apica’s Daniel Freij is dedicated to fostering and facilitating communication among participating ZebraTester users. It’s easy to sign up at https://community.apicasystem.com/ Site topics currently fall into seven areas: News – hear the latest product updates […] Continue reading

New in ZebraTester: Inline Scripts

ZebraTester has always been a flexible and extensible tool, with its capacity to support plug-ins written in the Java programming language. Starting with version 5.4-i ZebraTester will have an additional extension mechanism – inline scripts. Inline scripts are similar to plug-ins, but they are much easier to develop and to test. Many of the tasks […] Continue reading

Apica ZebraTester 5.4-I is Now Available

We’re pleased to announce the release of ZebraTester 5.4-I. Major improvements: GitHub Integration of the MyTests Directory Tree By using the GitHub integration you can manage all of your recorded sessions and all of your load test result with a remote revision control system. This allows you to have multiple branches of the MyTests directory […] Continue reading

Advanced Input File Techniques

One of the most underused techniques when it comes to scripting with ZebraTester is how you make use of your test data to enhance your input files and vice versa. Instead of just collecting the most necessary data for your test you should think of what further data can enhance your test; if you need […] Continue reading

Extending ZebraTester with Plug-ins

ZebraTester ships with a diverse range of built-in functions intended to cover the most common use cases. ZebraTester is also highly expandable, capitalizing on the power and flexibility of the ZebraTester plug-in architecture. In this article, we will demonstrate how to write a ZebraTester plug-in to handle dynamically changing data. Case study: Suppose we have […] Continue reading

Feature Highlight – ZebraTester

Apica ZebraTester is an enterprise-grade load and stress-testing product trusted by many of the world’s largest organizations. It’s easy to use and get started with load testing by using Apica ZebraTester. Apica ZebraTester executes web load tests up to nearly unlimited levels at a depth unparalleled by other testing tools. A powerful GUI allows you […] Continue reading

Feature Highlight – Continuous Delivery

Adding a load testing step to your Continuous Delivery process is vital for making sure that your application or site can handle the expected load it will receive once out in the real world. Apica LoadTest integrates with the major Continuous Delivery services. AWS CodePipeline AWS CodePipeline automates the application build, test, and release process, […] Continue reading

Apica Launches Powerful Load Testing Tool, Apica ZebraTester

Apica Launches Powerful Load Testing Tool, Apica ZebraTester Also launches Zebratester.com access to Apica LoadTest Portal and related services. [Stockholm, Sweden, November 18, 2015.] Apica, a leading provider of web performance and load testing tools, today announced the launch of a powerful load testing tool called Apica ZebraTester. Apica also launcheed a new online resource […] Continue reading

Apica ZebraTester 5.4 is Now Available

We’re pleased to announce the release of ZebraTester 5.4. Major improvements: ProxySniffer is now officially ZebraTester ProxySniffer changes name to ZebraTester. Improved GUI Many sub-menus of the main menu have been revised and improved to be more powerful and user-friendly. Real-Time Control of Load Test Jobs Running load test jobs can now suspended and resumed. […] Continue reading