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Cloud capacity at your fingertips!

Test like a pro with the most powerful SaaS platform, tools and expertise available anywhere. Whether you’re launching a product or web service, planning for seasonal traffic spikes or running continuous test plans, the Apica LoadTest Portal addresses all flexibly, on your terms.

Test teams use Apica LoadTest Portal to collaborate while running tests using cloud loads. Run your ZebraTest scripts from the Apica LoadTest Portal using loads generated from cloud locations around the world including AWS, Rackspace and Apica’s own cloud-load network.

Test options start at 500 free VUs and scale up to 2,000,000 VUs. Easily schedule regular website load tests, perform high-volume tests from a mix of many international locations, and compare your results in the powerful reporting dashboard.

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Industry-Leading Global Load Test Network

Test 30+ Gbps Bandwidth
Test 2,000,000+ Concurrent Users

Apica has performed some of the largest load tests ever recorded. We can test your site to its breaking point - guaranteed!

The Apica Testing network is built on 50+ co-locations around the world and utilizes both physical and hybrid cloud-based testing Clusters.

All test clusters come with first class IP connectivity and tested servers. Run high volume load tests with unparalleled accuracy and compare results between test runs in the reporting dashboard.

The World's Leading Performance Testing Network

50+ Load Test Clusters

Subscription Features

  • Free 500 VU peak test- 50 VU continuously version of Apica LoadTest is available with full CodePipeline integration.
  • Powerfull Platform, Easy UI, Unmatched load capacity , Fixed-Price plans, Free local testing tool , Full API support, Test automation via CodePipeline & Jenkins
  • Upload your Zebratester script or URL-only auto-generated scripts – just input the URL
  • Upload Selenium IDE script
  • Central test repository for development and operations teams
  • API access to directly embed check results
  • Local Server agents for Windows and Linux
  • The test platform can be extended with Apica Professional Services. Let Apica's test experts handle your scripting, reporting, and optimization consulting.

Key Benefits

  • Most cost-effective range of load test solutions available
  • Know capacity limits for holiday sales, media spikes, announcements, and the unexpected
  • Optimize cloud and hybrid-cloud deployments by selectively scaling component services
  • Test complex user scenario sequences – pages, dynamic content, transactions, logins and more
  • Compare internal and external results to pinpoint web platform and application issues
  • Identify bottlenecks by subdividing results into the performance of individual components.

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Load Test Guide

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