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New Major Release V4.6-C

New Major Release V4.6-C Improved Support for Video Performance Measurements and Detection of Jerky Video Playback Proxy Sniffer V4.6-C contains the following new features:
  1. A “maximum acceptable response time” can now be configured for each web page and for each URL and is thereafter shown in the detailed diagrams of the response times as additional information.
  2. The receiving and/or download of large URL response data (up to 2 GB for each URL) is now better supported and allows to execute large load test which may thousands of users even when a large amount of data is received per simulated user.
  3. A new feature has been added which supports in-depth measurement of HTTP(S) response-streams. This feature is especially useful for web sites that contain videos and allows to detect if jerky video playback occurs during viewing of a video, respectively to diagnose if enough network bandwidth is available for all users so that the video can be viewed by each user without interruption. Screenshots
  4. Self written Proxy Sniffer product extensions (so-called “plug-ins”) can now create customized charts on cluster level. In addition, plug-ins can now define and release own types of error messages which are displayed in the “normal” charts and tables of the load test result details.
  5. A new pie chart is now available in the detailed test results, which segments the response times to media types (e.g. text/html, image/gif, etc.).

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