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The Rollout of the New Minor Release V4.6-S has started

Customers with a valid upgrade and support contract will receive the latest Proxy Sniffer Professional Edition V4.6-S within the next 3 weeks. Please use our contact form if you require this new release instantly. V4.6-S Release Notes in Brief
  • Support for compressed HTTP(S) requests has been added. Note that receiving compressed HTTP(S) responses is already supported by Proxy Sniffer since a long time, but sending requests to the Web server in compressed format was until now not supported. Normally Web browsers never send HTTP(S) requests in compressed format. Therefore this new feature applies only when recording Web Sessions with technical Web clients such as “fat client programs” or “web service clients”.
  • Support for importing external measuring data after running a load test has been added. For example the CPU usage of an application server can be added to the test result and is thereafter shown as an additional chart. The charts of the external measuring data are also shown in the PDF reports.
  • Support for large XML and SOAP requests has been added (greater than 16,384 bytes per request – new: unlimited size).
  • Stand-Alone variables can now be initialized with the current date and time in any arbitrary data format (inclusive a positive or negative offset of days – future or past), and can also be initialized with a (natural) random number generated within a specified range of values.
  • Customers which have rented or purchased an unlimited cloud license (Unlimited Exec Agent Short-Time License, Professional Edition only) can now start high-duty load generators in the Amazon cloud. For such high-duty load generators one of the following EC2 instance types can be selected in the Proxy Sniffer GUI when launching the instances (select AMI Manifest: ProxySniffer-46-S-unlimitedVU-win64-01):
    1. High-Memory Double Extra Large (m2.2xlarge): 13 ECUs
    2. High-Memory Quadruple Extra Large (m2.4xlarge): 26 ECUs
    The high-duty load generators are already tuned and use 4 GB of Java-memory per load test job. However, the Amazon costs for such load generators are a higher than for standard Unix-like instances (USD 1.24 or USD 2.48 per hour and per instance). In addition, the Proxy Sniffer GUI supports now to launch up to 50 Amazon load generators at the same time. Internal test against a Web portal have shown that already one “13 ECUs load generator” is capable to simulate 5,000 concurrent users over HTTPS when using a short “User’s Think Time” of only 3 seconds per Web page. If you configure a longer “User’s Think Time”, greater than 3 seconds, even more concurrent users can be simulated from such an 13 ECUs instance.

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