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New Minor Release V4.6-Y

The new minor release V4.6-Y supports now the handling of encrypted URL paths. For this purpose, the Var Finder menu has been enhanced by an additional URL Path Filter menu which allows to post-process encrypted URL paths similar to the handling of “Dynamically-Exchanged Session Parameters”. General information about encrypted URL paths is available at https://techzone.ergon.ch/url-encryption (published by Ergon Informatik AG, Switzerland). Encrypted URL Paths – Image 1 of 4: Calling the URL Path Filter menu:   UrlPathFilter0                       Encrypted URL Paths – Image 2 of 4: Configuring the URL Path Filter menu and selecting an encrypted path. By clicking on the magnifier icon, the Search Overall menu is invoked: UrlPathFilter1                       Encrypted URL Paths – Image 3 of 4: By clicking on the variable extractor icon, the Var Extractor Wizard is invoked:   UrlPathFilter2                         Encrypted URL Paths – Image 4 of 4: As last step, the value of the encrypted URL path can be extracted in a variable and automatically assigned to all succeeding URL calls.   UrlPathFilter3      

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