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New Minor Release V4.6-Z

The following two new product features are added to V4.6-Z (built at December 28, 2011):
  • The PrxJob utility allows now to import definitions of load generators (Exec Agents, and Exec Agent Clusters) from the command line, by reading the definitions from a data file. Further information is available in the revised Application Reference Manual, chapter “importNetworkConfiguration”.
  • A new Pure Cloud architecture has been realized that allows you to run Proxy Sniffer completely in the cloud, inclusive the GUI component (so named “GIU-cloud-computers”). Additionally, as a further option, you can also store your load tests and your test results permanently in the cloud. We recommend to use the GIU-cloud-computers in case if you start large scale load tests in the cloud with many of cloud-based load generators, or if your local workstation has a limited or unstable internet connection to the cloud-based load generators. Please take a look at the slides of our new Pure Cloud Architecture.

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