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Updated V5.0-K Installation Kit.

The installation kit of V5.0-K (first released in October 2012) has several times updated in November and December 2012. In addition to the first installation Kit of V5.0-K the updated installation kit – dated from December 28, 2012 – contains the following additional features:
  • The Proxy recoding port 7997 has now been turned in a combined port (used before for HTTPS recording only) meaning that you can record now encrypted as well as unencrypted web traffic by using the same proxy port 7997. This allows you to record web sessions even if you can configure only one Proxy Sever port on your recording device – such as for example on an iPhone or on an iPad.
  • The menu for selecting error-snapshots (measured failure data) has been enhanced. You can now search overall error-snapshots for a specific text-string that has occurred in any HTTP request, any HTTP response or inside any error-log (- of the error-snapshots).
  • The menus for managing load generators and for managing “Pure Cloud” machines in the Amazon EC2 cloud have been revised and improved. Among other things the EC2 information of both menus is now shown substantially faster in the ProxySniffer GUI. All “Pure Cloud” machines as well as all Exec Agents running on EC2 can now be rebooted from the GUI.

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