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Feature Highlight – ZebraTester

Apica ZebraTester is an enterprise-grade load and stress-testing product trusted by many of the world’s largest organizations. It’s easy to use and get started with load testing by using Apica ZebraTester.

Apica ZebraTester executes web load tests up to nearly unlimited levels at a depth unparalleled by other testing tools. A powerful GUI allows you to create sophisticated, custom load test scripts easily and intuitively.

You can use Apica ZebraTester standalone running in your own infrastructure or with the Apica LoadTest Portal for advanced team and continuous testing features.

Use ZebraTester locally wihtin your own infrastructure.

Using ZebraTester together with the LoadTest Portal brings many benefits such as:

  • Easily create advanced scenarios by using ZebraTester and utilize Apicas network of agents to generate the load.
  • Manage all your scenarios within the portal for easier project management.
  • Integrate directly with the LoadTest Portal in ZebraTester for easy management of scenarios and results.

Use ZebraTester together with Apica LoadTest Portal.

Download ZebraTester for free here.

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