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aws codepipeline

AWS CodePipeline

Apica has integrated with AWS CodePipeline to provide automated load testing solutions within AWS CodePipeline’s continuous delivery and release automation service. The integration of Apica with AWS CodePipeline allows developers to model the full release process for building code, deploying to pre-production environments, testing the application, performing live load tests of any size, and releasing to production – all from a single platform.

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Maximizing Application Performance in the Cloud

Cloud technology leaders Rackspace and Apica have been providing customers with high-end technology and service for years. With well over a decade in hosting, Rackspace has the solution for any customers looking to host applications in the cloud. Combining their top-tier technology solutions with their Fanatical Support® service, Rackspace delivers unparalleled enterprise-level hosting services for businesses of all sizes around the world.

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Amazon Web Services

Getting the Most from Amazon Web Services with Apica
As the world’s largest cloud-based web service provider, Amazon Web Services empowers customers with a flexible, cost-effective and innovative solution for hosting their applications in the cloud. Eliminating large & expensive on-location server racks allows customers to focus efforts and office space on more business-critical needs. And to ensure AWS customers’ web applications perform optimally once in the cloud, Amazon has partnered with industry leader Apica.


The Apica LoadTest plugin for Jenkins integrates continuous deployment testing directly into Jenkins, making it possible to run automatic load tests in the form of a build runner. The plugin initiates and monitors a load test from start to finish, after which it presents actionable results and statistics.

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New Relic

New Relic is a SaaS-based software analytics platform offering application performance management (APM) and mobile monitoring solutions. With Apica's New Relic integration, metrics from a load test can be correlated and analyzed together with New Relic data inside the LoadTest Portal. The integration makes it easier to pinpoint bottlenecks and other issues inside the application environment.

Microsoft Azure

Together with Microsoft Apica provides a means to monitor roles that runs on the Azure platform, both from the inside and the outside. The Windows Azure Platform is an application platform in the cloud that allows Microsoft datacenters to host and run applications.

It provides a cloud operating system called Windows Azure that serves as a runtime for the applications and provides a set of services that allows development, management and hosting of applications off-premises. All Azure Services and applications built using them run on top of Windows Azure.

Microsoft Azure
team city


TeamCity plugin has been created to integrate continuous deployment testing directly into TeamCity
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Google Compute Engine

Run your large-scale computing workloads on Linux virtual machines hosted on Google’s infrastructure. Use world class data centers that provide unparalleled performance for your computing needs. Easily scale to tens of thousands of cores on infrastructure designed for large-scale computing.

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While most web application performance solutions require manual configuration and code changes to deploy, AppDynamics automatically instruments your code and maps your entire application architecture. Unlike most application performance tools, AppDynamics understands application performance in terms of business transactions, or user requests. By providing business transaction context for performance bottlenecks, AppDynamics enables you to understand application performance the way your end users experience it, and to prioritize issues based on their business impact.