Maximizing Application Performance in the Cloud

Rackspace and Apica

Cloud technology leaders Rackspace and Apica have been providing customers with high-end technology and service for years.With well over a decade in hosting, Rackspace has the solution for any customers looking to host applications in the cloud.
Combining their top-tier technology solutions with their Fanatical Support® service, Rackspace delivers unparalleled enterprise-level hosting services for businesses of all sizes around the world. It’s no wonder the Rackspace name is synonymous with high quality hosting solutions.Likewise, Apica’s mix of cutting-edge technology and unbeatable end-to-end service has positioned them as an undisputed leader in the load testing and web performance management space. So their strategic partnership with Rackspace’s “CoolTools” program allows customers to leverage their collective best-in-class cloud solutions.

Once customers make the evolution to the cloud, it’s more important than ever to employ thorough testing and monitoring to ensure maximum success. With Apica, the process of maximizing cloud application performance begins with the robust WebExcellence™ Suite of tools. This portfolio of cutting-edge cloud-based server solutions provides the critical load testing and web performance management tools Rackspace’s customers require. Utilizing the LoadTest® technology, the Apica service team helps customers establish important baseline performance metrics, as well as maximize server throughput. These testing metrics build the strong foundation for optimal future performance. With these performance benchmarks, Apica’s WebPerformance® technology can continually monitor and maintain the customer’s optimal application performance.

The real win for customers comes from the combination of innovative technology with the access to unmatched expertise and thorough service that Apica provides. Apica’s hands-on client team engages deeply with every customer to develop a thorough understanding of their application and business needs. In doing so, Apica’s service experts craft the optimal, custom strategy for maximizing application performance – never too much, never too little. This partnership allows Apica’s customers to leverage the expertise developed from years of testing experience and literally hundreds of millions of web checks. The result is access to all the vital tips & tricks necessary to guarantee Rackspace customers get the most out of their application’s infrastructure. And to top it off, Apica’s simple and straightforward menu pricing structure eliminates the confusion found with traditional credit-based pricing models. This white-glove service approach combined with unparalleled expertise and best-in-class technology sets Apica apart from the competition – and guarantees the best performance for customers’ applications.

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