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Advanced Performance Reporting & Load Testing Tools

Configure and Run Load Tests in Four Easy Steps

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1. Install and Initiate ZebraTester

First, download and install the open-source Firefox plug-in to easily record, edit and save your own scripts.

Next, begin recording click sequences on the target site to simulate real user behaviors such as “making a purchase,” “booking a flight,” “logging in to a website portal,” or any other sequence important to your users. Then play and edit the sequence before saving it.

You can also upload your stored scripts to the Apica LoadTest Portal to scale users and load tests, and coordinate with your team.

Check out the short video on getting started with Apica ZebraTester.

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2. Create a Script and Generate Some Load

Learn how easy it is to create a script using Apica ZebraTester’s built-in recording features in this short video.

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3. Create a Script and Generate Some Tests

See how easy creating your own load test clusters is using local load-generator agent configurations.

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4. Use the Apica LoadTest Portal

Access team, continuous testing and cloud load options by storing scripts and tests online while integrating with external services.

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5. Proceed to the tutorials and join our Community

Continue to our tutorials and guides to learn more about how to load test with ZebraTester and the LoadTest Portal.

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