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Load testing with ZebraTester Tools

Apica ZebraTester™ is an enterprise-grade load and stress-testing product trusted by many of the world’s largest organizations. It’s also easy to use and get started. Apica ZebraTester executes web load tests up to nearly unlimited levels at a depth unparalleled by other testing tools. A powerful GUI allows you to create sophisticated, custom load test scripts easily and intuitively. All components are platform-agnostic across Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris systems. You can use Apica ZebraTester standalone running in your own infrastructure or with the Apica LoadTest Portal for advanced team and continuous testing features. Apica ZebraTester scripts can also used with Apica’s synthetic 7x24 monitoring solution, Apica WebPerformance.  

ZebraTester Load Testing Software Stands Out


Mobile Load Testing

Record native device traffic via ProxySetting. Capture and replay WS/API calls over http/https.

Supported Web Standards

HTTP and HTTPS, HTML forms, HTML hyperlinks, HTML redirects, CGI parameters, JSON data, XML and SOAP, and WebDAV for extracting and assigning dynamic session parameters at runtime and more.

Protection Against False Positives

Automatically compare current test response data to originally recorded responses using a unique heuristic algorithm.

Detailed Results and Reports

ZebraTester comes with 24 standard charts that incorporate statistics at each layer, plus a custom PDF reporting tool. PDF reports include real-time comments that provide insight into “what if” scenarios such as response time behavior and stability under varying load conditions.

Automate Test Generation

Up to 30 available command lines directly automate test generation without using the GUI. Tests automatically execute and generate results, including PDF report creation and use of the integrated Web Crawler.

Flexible Payment Options

Monthly, pay-as-you-go, and user-based pricing options allow individuals and teams to access powerful features for both special, one-time projects and regular testing.

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